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Enjoy your own private open-air paradise!

We at PRIVATGÄRTNER are your private gardeners. We plan, build and care for your dream garden with passion and physical strength. From charming little front garden to opulent park space. All year round, from spring to spring. We at PRIVATGÄRTNER are there for you.


Our services encompass, amongst others:

•    Consulting and assistance with gardening problems

(e.g., unsafe structures)

•    Gardening concept and implementation

•    Coordination of garden owners and landscape architects

•    Maintenance of private gardens of all kinds

•    Support service apartment buildings

•    Reshaping and replanting

•    Lighting and irrigation concepts

Garden Planning

It all starts with a plan. And our plan is based on you. Do you have young children? We might advise you against a Zen garden for the moment. Have your children already left home? In that case, we will find ways to turn the playground into a peaceful haven. At least until that calm and quiet is being disturbed by your grandchildren splashing around in the garden pool. Whatever life has in store for you: With us your garden will always be the perfect match.

And what are you planning?

•    New gardens and redevelopment

•    Rooftop gardens

•    Terrace gardens

•    Paths and squares

•    Walls, stairs and natural stone works

•    Façade greening

•    Stone gardens

•    Ornamental gardens

•    Lighting and irrigation concepts

•    Swimming ponds, streams and garden ponds

•    Driveways and parking space

•    Equipment / pergola

•    Playgrounds

•    Natural privacy and noise protection solutions

•    New planting and replanting

Garden Maintenance

Flowers are nature’s smile. And gardens, which are maintained regularly, tend to have a particularly charming smile. With our expertise and professional tools we nourish and cherish what you care for. Be it a patch of fresh green lawn or a weathered oak tree. Our hands know what to do.


Our services:

•    Various pruning techniques for trees and shrubs

(e.g., topiary, fruit pruning)

•    Clearing, tree felling and rootstock elimination

•    Lawn renewal

•    Weed / pest control (chemical or biological)

•    Lawn maintenance

•    Maintenance of fruit trees / berry bushes

•    Terrace / balcony maintenance

•    Cemetery / grave maintenance

•    Maintenance of roses

•    Maintenance of flower borders


“Life begins on the day you start a garden,” runs a Chinese proverb. We say: “Enjoy that day while we do the work.” Tried and tested construction material such as natural stone, concrete and metal are becoming more and more important, used as classical as well as more design-focused garden elements. Our gardeners will show you how quickly, from the first cut of the spade, a small paradise can be created.


We are looking forward to the following works:

•    New gardens

•    Changes

•    Repairs

•    Demolition works

Indoors Gardening

Did you see a garden that you would simply like to take home with you? No problem at all. You will be amazed what is possible nowadays. Be it at home or in the office: indoor plants create the right ambiance for every room.

Our products:

•    Equipment, e.g. pots

•    Irrigation systems

•    Plant walls

•    Hanging gardens

•    Restaurant-/Hotel grassing